Cylinder Head refurbishment

We can undertake any cylinder head refurbishment and rebuilding/reconditioning, from simple thread repairs to complete cylinder head overhauls. We carry out the following on a complete head recondition:


Assess work required – supply estimate to customer

Recut seats (single or multi-angle) or fit new (can also do new ‘Lead Free’ on older cylinder heads)

Reface valves after checking for straightness and stem consistancy

Skim head face


 If there is a doubt as to the structure of the head, a pressure test using a specialised jig can be carried out. This is 99% accurate and can tell if there is a crack, leading to overheating, water loss or oil/water mixing.

We have worked on the following cylinder heads: Triumph, BSA, Norton, Jaguar, BMW, Honda, Toyota, AJS, Riley, Ford, Renault and all the modern heads, to name but a few. We also carry out Triumph exhaust stub repairs. This is an involved process of boring and tapping the original hole to an oversize and then fitting a custom made stub. This is 0.002″ tight in the head and requires the head to be heated, thus preventing it from coming out again. With over 20 years experience on heads alone, no head is a match for our engineers.

Triumph cylinder head

After complete recondition