Typical work for BLR’s customers include:

All repairs to cylinder heads, particularly exhaust port threads and valve seat replacements. Repairing all threads to better than original. Our techniques are usually better than standard, e.g. in aluminium cases that have become distorted and worn. Brake drum skimming without even the removal of the tyre. Brake disk skimming. Refacing cylinder heads and blocks.

Re-sleeving damaged bearing housings. Precision manufacture of valve seat inserts, valve guides, shafts, crank-pins, spindles, gears, bushes,engine plates etc.


    • SERDI valve seat machining
    • 3 Axis CNC Milling
    • CNC Lathe turning
    • Cylinder Boring and Honing
    • Motorcycle brake drum skimming
    • Component manufacturing from blueprints
    • Valve refacing


  • Lead free valve seats
  • Cylindrical and surface grinding
  • Aluminium welding
  • Brazing, welding, soldering etc

Serdi We often work for leading engineĀ re-buildersĀ  classic car racing teams and also individuals who race their own cars and bikes.

One of our large customers has over 40 years experience in the restoration, re-creation and re-design of historic cars. The Group has built a worldwide reputation with a stunning portfolio of work on such models as the 8C 2.3 Alfa Romeo, 1750 Alfa Romeo, Lancia-Ferrari D50, Lancia D24, Lancia Aurelia and 156 ‘Sharknose’.

Another of our customers is a specialist cylinder head developer and race part design/manufacturer.